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OPNsense Resources

Threat Patrols really loves OPNsense® and we are proud to support the ecosystem with resources for the OPNsense community.

Learn more about the awesomeness of the OPNsense platform and discover the team-of-heroes that produce OPNsense from their web directly -

OPNsense Plugins

Threat Patrols produces plugins for OPNsense that can be installed from the Threat Patrols repo to your OPNsense instance.

Plugin install TLDR;

  • Step 1: install the threatpatrols package using a pkg-static add ... command on your OPNsense host to enable plugins from the ThreatPatrols repo.
  • Step 2: navigate to System > Firmware > Plugins on your OPNsense system and install ThreatPatrols plugins as desired.

Threat Patrols Package Repository

Threat Patrols operates a package repository with OPNsense packages signed by us that allows you to easily install our packages and plugins.

OPNsense Mirror

Threat Patrols provides a public OPNsense mirror through the Cloudflare CDN.

** OPNsense is a trademark of the very awesome Deciso B.V. company.