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Threat Management

The Threat Patrols API provides the core Threat Patrols platform functionality. Customers can work with the API directly, or have the Threat Patrols team operate the platform for you as a managed cyber threat landscape service.

Looking for API docs?

Our API documentation is not (yet) public. We are working hard on getting this sorted out and expect we'll make it happen at the same time we publish the tpcli command line interface tool since these are closely related.

Users with authenticated access to the API are able to access the automatically generated Swagger-UI documentation directly from

System Status


We believe quick easy security contact is an important part of cyber-security operations. We like the security.txt RFC9116 proposal and maintain a .well-known/security.txt HTTP record.

Additionally, we maintain a _security DNS TXT record that references the same HTTP record.

  • DNS TXT: